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We have teamed up with Empowering Excellence to help give you the skills and tools to you need to prepare physically and mentally for your marathon.


This bundle contains the Running Resilience programme and 'Your Psychology Guide To Training For A Marathon'.

Running Reslience Programme

The Running Resilience Programme was put together for runners to develop their strength, co – ordination and movement patterns in key areas, helping to reduce their risk of injury.

The programme involves 3 sessions that can be performed at home or at the gym and is designed to be completed alongside your training. The programme can be used by those who are new to running as well as those who have been running for years.


Your Psychology Guide To Training For A Marathon


A guide covering all the essential psychological aspects of running training, including goal setting, motivation, and tips for during your race. 

*Please note it is not possible to have a refund for the ebooks. 

Marathon Training Ebook Package

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